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We're a brand new company with a vision of an open and more friendly approach to network design, certification and implementation. We want to keep our people at the forefront of development by constantly pushing the technology and facilitating the benefits of Meshplane systems. Creating open hardware and open networking can give customers choice, freedom and a competitive edge in the market. We are determined to provide easy-to-understand software releases, world-class hardware, and the best possible customer support

Alexander Cafarella, CEO at Meshplane

Making computer networks amazing.

We are an open networking technology company. We offer products to connect you and your company to the world, with low-cost, hyperflexible infrastructure.

Our mission is to deliver a whole new generation of open hardware and software that is not only easy-to-use, but is also open, universal, and easily interoperable with other products. We are a team of engineers and aficionados with experience developing world class connectivity products. Our team has dedicated itself to taking this proven technology and making it easy and affordable for everyone.

Meshplane provides a fully open platform with plans to evolve this platform to future-proof itself for years to come. Our unique business model ditches software support contracts, and instead allows the customer to configure the software how they would would like. Meshplane relies on open-source software to manage the hardware. By implementing software which is open-source and standardised, Meshplane makes it far easier for people to universally configure and deploy solutions that benefit their companies and customers.


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